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Free Vulnerability Scanner Reveals Many Exposed Servers

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Innovation at Imperva Director, Elad Erez, creates free software to find ransomware vulnerabilities and reveals alarming number of exposed hosts.

After the global outbreak of WannaCry and the renamed NotPetya ransomware, one would expect to find only a few brave souls who haven’t patched their servers to prevent being infected by ransomware.

But a newly created free software scanner called Eternal Blues, has revealed the opposite to be true.

Since the outbreaks, Eternal Blues was downloaded and scanned over 23,000 times with over 8 million IP addresses scanned. The scans revealed over 60,000 vulnerable hosts worldwide. Which reveals that many server owners and/or their IT departments have failed to take the necessary steps to prevent another outbreak.

According to Erez, “Here is a lesson for IT/Security departments: don’t be so certain that you know your network well. Deploy a multi-layered stack of security tools for both risk analysis and real time enforcement.”

“Running Eternal Blues is, by definition, being aware of the problem,” he added.