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Historic Merger – Andrews and Associates and cat-man-du

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Andrews and Associates and cat.man.du announce a merger that will create a combination unlike any other, a unique family of IT professionals specializing in all things technology.

Two local companies join forces to create even more innovative IT solutions for their customers. The same technicians from each company will work together to pave the way for their customers to do amazing things and each team member will have a laser-like focus on each of their client’s specific needs. The same point of contact for each client will remain the same, the same pricing structure will remain intact and each customer will write checks to the same entity as they had before. “As a new company, we agree this is the best way for both our teams to stay on the cutting edge, we will always be there for our clients and we will always look for ways to improve,” Tyler Andrews, CEO of Andrews and Associates said. The new board of directors for the company will include Tyler Andrews, Ray Wilson and Curtis McGill; with Andrews running the day-to-day operations of the business. “Each company is driven to continuously evolve, to provide world-class customer service, to embrace bold new ideas for our clients,” said Ray Wilson, CEO of cat.man.du. “We believe merging our companies will help achieve that goal.” The same end to end IT solutions each company provided will remain the same, however more services may be added in the future. There are many benefits clients from both companies will enjoy: more technicians available for faster response time, team members with both broad and very specialized knowledge, and more technological solutions to solve problems and drive progress.