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How Does Email Spam Protection Help Your Business?

Friday, January 28th, 2022
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Emails have become a necessity over the years. Businesses rely on a functioning email system to communicate with clients and staff, as well as vendors and others they work with on a daily basis. If you use emails in any capacity, you should include them in your cyber security. Here’s how email filtering can help protect your communications and network from criminals.

The basics of email filtering

Most email providers have built-in filtering of some form available. These use software to separate messages from trusted sources and those that seem fishy. You’ll find emails that aren’t trustworthy in your spam or junk folder. Some folders will also have a setting that automatically deletes spam after a certain number of days.

Why are email filtering and spam protection needed?

As the name suggests, junk mail (spam) is annoying. Companies often send mass communications trying to sell a product or service, which are usually unwanted. There is another type of email that uses phishing to access your data.

Phishing emails can be dangerous, not just annoying. They are able to steal usernames, passwords, and even credit card information. Once you have been phished, you have a much larger chance to be hacked. Criminals can get into your network and anything you have saved online. There are services that can be used as an add-on to regular spam protection that can catch phishing emails and flag them for you. These may also help protect against malware found on websites.

How does email filtering work?

Filtering software works by searching for red flags that show emails may be spam or phishing content. It does this in many ways, including by catching trigger words that are typical for these communications, like “free” or “earn money” or “big-bucks.” Here are some other indicators that an email is spam or sent with malicious intent.

  • The sender uses your email address rather than your name
  • The message contains poor grammar and spelling
  • The content of the email has a strange or broken structure
  • The font is not normally used, especially in a professional email
  • A sender’s IP address has previously been flagged for sending spam.
  • The message has come from an unknown sender
  • The sender is on a known blacklist gathered by internet services providers

Some emails that are flagged because of these issues could actually be legitimate. These may end up in an “Other” folder and you will need to select whether they are trusted or not. Doing this will move them from that folder into your Inbox or Spam folders.

Tips for better email and network protection

There are a lot of options for protecting your emails, network, and sensitive information. You should always have your built-in spam filter turned on. But, you can also work with an IT company to get a more robust software that does more than move spam. They will be able to tell you what options are best for your particular needs and even train your employees on how to use security software and practice internet safety. Here are some other tips that can help you handle spam and dangerous emails.

  1. All employees should learn the difference between a spam email and a phishing scam.
    • Spam is usually attempting to sell you something and may just look strange.
    • A phishing email is often designed to look like a message from a trusted source and includes a link or downloadable file.
    • Phishing emails come from strange or fake addresses.
    • Phishing emails often use scare tactics or threats, while spam uses sales tactics.
  2. Upgrade password security. This should be done for all email addresses, as well as any other areas of your business that require a password.
  3. Keep all hardware and software security measures up to date.

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