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New Security Report Reveals How Easy It Is For Hackers To Breach Your Network

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

A new report includes some seriously concerning statistics about security that everyone should read, especially stakeholders and decision makers in your company.

Among the alarming findings, they determined that 92% of external pentesters were able to successfully breach the network and gain access to the LAN. And of that 92%, approximately 50% of networks only required an alarming single step to gain access!

Additionally, the report reveals that weak security and training led to results such as employees speaking with imposters and even giving them confidential information.

Remember, think of security as being like both an onion and a chain: it should be layered like an onion so that the bad guys have to make it through multiple layers before getting to what they’re after. And you can think of security as a chain because it truly is only as good as the weakest link. Unfortunately this “weak link” oftentimes the end user. Did you know that 90% of malware (malicious software such as a virus or spyware) actually requires human interaction before infection? This means an end user is opening a malicious attachment or following a malicious web link before any of your systems are infected.

Andrews and Associates offers products and services to help protect you and your company. We offer on-site security training for users as well as self-paced online security training. We also offer things such as managed anti-virus, backups, and web content filtering. Additionally, our sister company, Premier Alarm, offers physical security and access control via security cameras and DVRs / NVRs as well as smart devices and app control.