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Virus Protection

Virus protection for businesses is often perceived as the free software you can find online, which can save your business money. However, true and effective protection that ensures the security of your data doesn’t come from just anywhere.

When you work with Andrews & Associates as your IT solutions provider, you get more than a simple antivirus program. You get a robust and comprehensive virus protection service known as endpoint detection and response.

Endpoint detection and response, also known as EDR, is a type of cyber security solution that focuses on detecting and responding to advanced threats. Unlike traditional antivirus software which relies on signatures to detect viruses, EDR uses behavioral-based analytics and AI to identify malicious activity in real-time. This means that even new and unknown threats can be detected and stopped before they cause any damage to your business.

One of the key advantages of EDR over traditional antivirus is its proactive approach to security. Instead of waiting for a virus to be identified and added to a signature database, EDR actively monitors your endpoints for unusual behavior or suspicious activity. This means that threats can be detected and responded to in real-time, reducing the risk of data breaches and loss.

Furthermore, an EDR program offers an in-depth analysis of each endpoint in your network. It not only detects an attack but also provides a detailed investigation, giving your IT team the necessary insight to prevent similar threats in the future. With continuous monitoring and automated responses, EDR services can isolate infected systems, preventing the spread of malware across the network.

EDR programs are equipped with threat intelligence capabilities, meaning they are regularly updated with information about the latest cyber threats worldwide. This allows your systems to be prepared even for the most recent, sophisticated attacks. By incorporating an EDR program into your security framework, you’re taking a significant step towards a more secure, robust, and resilient cyber infrastructure.

Remember, in an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, relying on traditional antivirus software alone is not sufficient. Endpoint detection and response provide a more comprehensive, proactive layer of protection, ensuring your business stays one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

Our team of experts will work with you to create tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you have the necessary protection in place to keep your organization safe.

One of the services we offer is network security, which focuses on protecting your business from external threats. This includes setting up firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and EDR software to prevent malicious attacks from entering your network. We also initiate patches regularly and ensure that everything is monitored so that you will experience minimal downtime.

Our proactive approach to keeping your business secure means that we are always one step ahead, putting you in the best position to defend against cyber threats. If you are interested in learning more about how endpoint detection and response can benefit your organization, reach out to us at (806) 242-1088.