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Tech Tips: 7 Ways To Take Care of Your Computers

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022
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Your computer equipment is vital for the efficient operation of your business, so you must know how to take care of it. There are many simple steps you and your team can take to make sure your computers are in good condition. Here are seven tips to add to your routine!

1. Use good anti-virus software

We talk about this a lot, but that’s because it is essential for keeping your business records and equipment safe! The right virus protection software stops hackers and virus attacks from both passive and direct sources. It will also run effortlessly in the background, provide reporting, cover a large number of devices, and come with extra features.

2. Protect your laptops

If your team uses laptops at the office, on the go, or at home, you need to make sure they are protected. Use padded laptop covers (make sure they are always on unless cleaning the device) as well as slipcovers. When transporting laptops, always be sure to use a protective bag.

3. Defragment and declutter

PC users must defragment their computers regularly to keep them running smoothly. Mac users don’t have to worry about this because defragmenting is done automatically. You can make disk defragmenting part of your team’s weekly or monthly work schedule. If you’d prefer for someone else to handle it and don’t have an IT team, a company can help you take care of all of your tech needs.

You can use the following steps to access the disk defragmenter.

  • Click Start
  • Go to Programs then Accessories
  • Click on System tools
  • Click on Disk Defragmenter

Decluttering can also help you speed up your computers. Start by deleting files you no longer use or need and storing everything you need to keep. You can use cloud storage or physical storage (even both) to store your records. Finally, use the Disk Cleanup feature on your computer, and be sure to clear out your browser history and download history.

4. Take care of the batteries on each laptop

Laptops are meant to be used wirelessly, but you should still maintain their batteries. Once a laptop is charged, remove the charger or battery and use the battery fully before charging it again. Laptop batteries have a lifespan of only a few years, so be sure you and your staff know how to take care of them.

5. Disable unused programs

Sometimes computers get bogged down because so many programs load upon startup. Make sure that the programs you don’t use or that you don’t want your team using are disabled. This helps with efficiency as well as safety and productivity.

6. Don’t use too many programs at one time

Even when you disable programs you don’t use, if you use too many at one time, it will still bog down your device. To stop this from happening, only open the programs you need. When you are using an internet browser or program with tabs, don’t use too many either. Your computer only has so much memory to perform tasks. If you do use too much, be patient while closing things down and your computer should return to normal.

7. Keep your computer clean

Part of taking care of your computers is keeping them physically clean. Dust and debris can build up on the components, which can cause them to get too hot and break down.

  • Computer monitors and accessories (like the keyboard and mouse) can be cleaned every week. Use a damp cloth or alcohol wipe. Be careful not to leave any moisture on ports and be gentle with the screen.
  • Cleaning the ports requires a little more work, but is well worth it because it can help you avoid having to take the computers apart completely to clean.
    • If the computer is on, turn it off.
    • Take a can of compressed air or a fan and use it to blow the dust out of the ports.
    • Use a toothpick to clean out any mess.
    • Use the compressed air or fan again.
    • Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean around the outside of the port.
    • Wait until everything is dry before turning the computer back on.

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