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Why Businesses Of Every Size Need Premium Virus Protection

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
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Cyberattacks have been a common issue that businesses must face for many years. Even in 2020, during a global pandemic, cybercriminals still used viruses to steal and hack their way into the systems of small and medium-sized enterprises. Virus protection is important for businesses of every size, but many don’t focus on cybersecurity past free protection software. Here are some reasons why that should change.

Ransomware is dangerous

This is a type of malware that is extremely difficult to detect and nearly impossible to fix. It will prevent you from accessing your files or even your entire computer. This type of virus allows thieves to access your files, steal them, and lock them down. Phishing emails are most notable for carrying ransomware and unfortunately, most businesses are unable to recover their data.

People pay an average of hundreds to thousands of dollars to TRY to recover their data. For those who do not, the only way to recover the system is to do a full disk formatting, which wipes everything. A strong antivirus program is the best way to prevent ransomware attacks.

Your sensitive data will be protected

Not every cyberattack or virus is meant to hold your data hostage. Some viruses are planted for the express goal of taking and using sensitive information. This often includes things like phone numbers, credit and debit card information, email addresses, and even social security numbers. Criminals typically use spyware to steal your data. This type of virus is difficult to prevent if you do not use a strong form of cybersecurity.

Virus protection guards the email gateway

Emails are the most common method for transferring viruses. Whether it is a clever phishing scheme that links out from an email or a virus embedded in a file you download, they are easy to plant and hard to spot. With strong antivirus software, you can prevent viruses from getting through, even if you accidentally click on a link or download a file that is dangerous. You will receive warnings before you open anything or before anything is downloaded.

Background scanning will be more efficient

With basic virus protection programs, background scanning can slow your operations. Premium software is much easier on your system and will do its job without getting in the way of your day-to-day tasks. These will usually notify you when major scans are starting and will always tell when something is found or if an update is needed.

You can protect more devices

You are likely accustomed to only being able to protect a few devices with free and cheaper virus protection programs. For business plans, you can usually get enough protection for all of your devices without having to pay extra. This depends on which one you choose, so be sure to talk to your IT professional to pick the best one for your needs.

You will get a lot of extra features and services

You can get technical support from any virus protection, but with a premium version, you will get perks like your own dedicated consultant. Also, you may have access to features like password managers, ad blockers, USB scanning, firewalls, and file shredders. If you are working with an IT solutions company, they will handle everything for you, so these perks may already be something you are familiar with.

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Having virus protection is vital for protecting your business, but it isn’t enough to have just one strategy. You will need more than a firewall or just one basic type of antivirus security. At Andrews & Associates, we get technology. That’s why we are prepared to help operations of all sizes run safely and smoothly in an ever-changing digital world.

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